February 12
Keep Calm

by Lindsay Pappas RN   Keep calm and carry on…   Stress is more prevalent today than ever in today’s society.  Our Calm injection contains GABA, Magnesium, Taurine and Theanine. This mixture can help reduce stress and protect the body from the harmful effects of stress.  We recommend the Calm injection as an antianxiety supplement, for muscle relaxation, […]

February 07

  Floatation therapy is emerging as a valid and effective means for managing several conditions including anxiety, fatigue, and pain, all symptoms of fibromyalgia.   Fibromyalgia effects an estimated 3 – 6% of the world’s population. It is a debilitating and painful rheumatic type disease characterized by a dull ache or throbbing pain throughout the […]

January 21

Have you often felt rundown, anxious, or out of sorts, but not sure why? Micronutrient blood testing can provide insight.   Micronutrient blood testing can help discover specific vitamin, antioxidant and mineral deficiencies in the body. With this knowledge you can customize an effective strategy to improve health and wellness. Vitamin, antioxidant, and mineral deficiencies […]

January 11

By: Jodi Gauron, RN   With more than 300,000 Americans becoming afflicted with Lyme disease every year, many people often turn to alternative treatments as an adjunct to antibiotics as the medications do not always eradicate the disease. The long-term effects of Lyme can leave damage in nearly every part of the body. The use […]

January 04
What Can NAD+ Do For You?

  NAD+ – Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide   NAD+ is one of the most important coenzymes you can give your cells. NAD+ is in everyone’s body, but its levels decline with age and stress.  Without sufficient NAD+ DNA cannot be properly repaired and nutrients cannot be efficiently converted into energy. Nad+ IV infusion therapy can be used […]

December 27
Myer’s IV Infusion for Anxiety

Myer’s IV Infusion for Anxiety, Fatigue, and Pain Relief.   Need to reduce pain, boost mood, and increase your energy? Try a  Myer’s IV infusion.   Vitamin and mineral IV infusion therapy was pioneered by John Myers, MD who created treatment protocols to address various medical conditions. Following his death in 1984, Dr. Alan Gaby, […]

December 05
Botox Can Improve Your Mood

Could Botox improve your mood?    While it is not a substitute for the effects of traditional prescribed medications, there have been quite a few studies showing compelling evidence that Botox can help fight depression. This means that changing the way your facial muscles respond to stress and sadness can actually make you less overwhelmed […]

November 08

Prepare to be Bare with Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Hair Removal.   With summer in your rear view mirror, are you missing the sun and already planning your beach vacation?   A smooth beach ready body requires action now- it can take 4 to 6 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart to remove all unwanted hair.  […]

November 01

Body Contouring for Exercise Resistant Fat Reduction. With the busy holiday season fast approaching this could be the right time to schedule body contouring for fat reduction. Do you eat healthy, exercise regularly and still have that problem area that just does not tighten and tone, no matter how hard you try? Maybe you struggle […]