Myer’s IV Infusion for Anxiety, Fatigue, and Pain Relief.


Need to reduce pain, boost mood, and increase your energy? Try a  Myer’s IV infusion.


Vitamin and mineral IV infusion therapy was pioneered by John Myers, MD who created treatment protocols to address various medical conditions. Following his death in 1984, Dr. Alan Gaby, MD continued his work. Decades of evidence supports the use of IV infusion therapy for several conditions including chronic pain, fatigue, and anxiety.



What’s in a Myer’s cocktail?


Magnesium – Magnesium is a powerful mineral that helps fight the effects of stress, fatigue, and even symptoms of depression and it helps calm muscle and nerve activity.


Calcium – We all know how important calcium is for bone health, but did you know  it is also vital to your nervous system as well?


Selenium – An antioxidant that fights free radicals in the body and defends against chronic disease.


Vitamin C – Supports your immune system and improves cells by protecting them from damage.


B vitamins – B vitamins convert food to fuel and support over all energy to keep us going throughout the day.



For Anxiety

Close to 13 million adults in the US experience persistent and excessive feelings of anxiety toward everyday situations, interfering with their ability to function naturally. A groundbreaking study has linked anxiety and panic attacks to vitamin B6 deficiency causing low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Our Myers Cocktail IV could be what you need. Consisting of high doses of B vitamins and magnesium, along with other nutrients, this IV promotes relaxation, the lowering of blood pressure, and easing of anxiety.


For Pain

The Myers IV may be beneficial for patients suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and Lyme. The key nutrients in this IV promote muscle relaxation and calm the nerves, helping to reduce the pain associated with many conditions.


For Fatigue

Many of us lead hectic lives with busy schedules that can drag our energy down, no matter how healthy and fit we are. Travel, late nights, and stressful deadlines take their toll on the best of us. B vitamins convert food into energy. For those looking for an effective and quick energy boost we recommend this IV weekly for a month and with improved energy bi-weekly. Every client is unique so results will vary. A complimentary consultation with our physician to discuss individual needs will allow us to customize a recommendation for you.



You can customize your infusion for additional health benefits.


For additional support add Glutathione.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that protects our cellular DNA and helps our body fight off disease.  Our bodies produce glutathione, however a poor diet, toxins, pollution, medications, stress, smoking, trauma, aging, infections and radiation all deplete glutathione levels leaving us susceptible to depression, chronic illness, and infection.



Need an extra energy boost, add extra B12.

Research shows 40% of Americans are deficient in vitamin B12. B12 deficiency symptoms include depression, mood disorders, fatigue, memory failure, anemia, low blood pressure, poor concentration and weight gain. Injections can resolve B-12 deficiency, but may also be prescribed to people with normal B12 levels to boost energy, brain function and mood.



For healthy skin, nails, and hair, add Biotin.

Biotin supports the protein that make up our hair, nails, and skin. Receiving regular biotin injections helps our clients achieve stronger and thicker hair and nails, promoting growth and fighting breakage. Biotin has many other benefits including improved brain function, cardiovascular health, blood sugar balance and thyroid and adrenal function.



How often can I receive an infusion?

Your individual needs are discussed with our physician prior to making a recommendation, but typically once-weekly treatments are recommended until noticeable improvement. With improvement, you may choose to continue to be proactive with weekly infusions or taper to bi-weekly or monthly infusions.



How long does an infusion take?


In just under an hour you can re-energize your mind and body.



What are the benefits of a Myer’s IV infusion?


  • Stress Fighting
  • Enhances Focus and Concentration
  • Counters Fatigue
  • Immunity Support and Improvement
  • Safe alternative to prescription medications that have negative side effects
  • Energy booster



Why choose IV infusion therapy over oral supplements?


Receiving nutrients intravenously allows for greater absorption levels that cannot be achieved with oral supplements.  Oral supplements have to travel through your digestive tract, before your body receives any benefit from them. IV infusions deliver vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gut thus allowing the body to feel the positive effects much sooner.