Floatation Therapy in our float room is like stepping into a completely private, miniature pool in which you float effortlessly in water saltier than the Dead Sea. Floating allows your mind and body to enter a state of profound relaxation. No noise, no light, no sound. Just you, disconnected from all environmental stress, drifting toward your most peaceful thoughts and emotions.

The reported benefits of floating include decreasing the production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and increasing the production of uplifting endorphins, while stimulation left/right brain synchronization. Also known as sensory deprivation, floating can help in reducing muscle pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue and trouble sleeping. The water in the tank is maintained at skin temperature and contains such a high amount of salt that it is impossible for the body to not remain on the water’s surface.

Many professional athletes include floatation therapy as part of their weekly routine for faster recovery, heightened visualization and overall stress reduction. Persons with PTSD can greatly benefit from floating as it reduces the body’s “fight or flight” response while your brain is in a meditative state. Floatation is also proven to be beneficial for people who experience migraines.

Benefits of Floating

  • Increased mood
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy and concentration
  • Relief from phobias
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Increased immune function
  • Reduced blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen consumption

Floating regularly increases the positive benefits and effects on the body!

60 and 90 Minute Flotation Therapy Sessions

60 Minutes: $99
90 Minutes: $125
Call for multiple session packages
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We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your first appointment, allowing time for us to show you how the float tank works, to sign the consent form, turn off your phone, and to use the bathroom.

We provide towels, comb, make up remover, hair dryer, shampoo, shower gel, and conditioner. Please bring any additional personal care items that you may want to use before / after your float.

We also provide ear plugs. It is your choice if you wear earplugs, but they can help maximize sensory deprivation aspect of floating and prevent salty water from entering the ear canal. Many people float without earplugs, it’s all your own preference.

If you have any cuts or scrapes we provide A&D Ointment to prevent the cut from stinging. Again, using the A&D is your choice, as the salt water is actually a great antiseptic and can accelerate healing.

After getting undressed and removing any jewelry, it is important to remove any oil from your hair and skin, so we require you to shower.

Prior to floating, you should only use shampoo and body wash. Conditioner is not to be used before floating as the oils can affect the water in the tank.

When entering the tank, you will see three buttons: one for lights, one for sound, and an intercom to communicate with an employee during your session.

When you first enter the tank, you should be careful not to get salt water in your eyes but if you do, there is a dry wash cloth and spray bottle on your right to rinse your eyes.

The light in the shower/dressing area will automatically turn off and your session will begin.

It is common to have trouble completely relaxing at the beginning of your first float. Once you familiarize yourself with the experience and environment a deeper state of relaxation will follow.

When your session is complete, the music will chime and a voice will tell you the session has ended.

After slowly standing, you should carefully step into the shower and use the provided body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.

We recommend thoroughly rinsing including your ears to remove any excess salt.

First Time floater Tips!

  • Put the ear plugs in before you shower, it helps it get a better seal
  • After showering, before you get in the tank, dry your face off
  • Don’t expect anything- even if you floated 100 times it will always be different
  • If you choose not to wear ear plugs, rinse ears out in the shower afterwards to help remove any salt. Days after your float you might experience pressure in your ears. To alleviate this pressure, we suggest using ½ water ½ white vinegar mixture to flush.

Our tanks are inspected, cleaned, tested and filtered daily. A high concentration of mineral salts naturally inhibits bacterial growth. Also, filtration and UV light sterilization systems make the water clear and fresh.

Most people worried about being claustrophobic actually find that they do not feel this way while floating. The tank offers a supportive and therapeutic environment that typically relieves these fears. Our “tank” is actually a small room. It is also important to remember that you are completely in control, at all times. You can go in and out of the tank, as you please. You can use the tank with the door completely open, and if ever you are ever uncomfortable you can end the session whenever you like.

The epsom salt makes the water so buoyant that it is impossible for the floater to go beneath the surface. It is also nearly impossible to turn over in the buoyant water, so you will not need to swim.

Every floater has a different experience. Floaters do often report states of expanded awareness, alternate mindsets, and inner peace.

Research has shown flotation can increase the body’s endorphins, therefore alleviating symptoms of chronic depression and pain. Flotation has also been shown to relieve symptoms of high blood pressure, as well as muscular, neurological, endocrine, and other stress-related disorders. Flotation therapy complements and amplifies various treatment modalities and can accelerate the healing process.

The salt used in the tank will make it possible for you to float effortlessly and will prevent your skin from pruning. The salt will also help to exfoliate your skin, making it softer. Epsom salts can rid your hair of excess oil. You should shower well after getting out of the tank as lingering salt could cause a rash in some cases.

Yes, floating is very safe while pregnant. Of course, you should always discuss this with your physician first.

You should not eat for 1-2 hours before floating.

You can float with dyed hair, but we ask that you wait at least 48 hours after dyeing it. Hair dye could tinge the water while you are in the float tank. A cleaning fee will apply if your dyed hair discolors the water in the tank.