December 05
Botox Can Improve Your Mood

Could Botox improve your mood?    While it is not a substitute for the effects of traditional prescribed medications, there have been quite a few studies showing compelling evidence that Botox can help fight depression. This means that changing the way your facial muscles respond to stress and sadness can actually make you less overwhelmed […]

November 08

Prepare to be Bare with Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Hair Removal.   With summer in your rear view mirror, are you missing the sun and already planning your beach vacation?   A smooth beach ready body requires action now- it can take 4 to 6 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart to remove all unwanted hair.  […]

November 01

Body Contouring for Exercise Resistant Fat Reduction. With the busy holiday season fast approaching this could be the right time to schedule body contouring for fat reduction. Do you eat healthy, exercise regularly and still have that problem area that just does not tighten and tone, no matter how hard you try? Maybe you struggle […]